Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Urban Day Spa massage therapists in Spring, TX are skilled at the art of deep tissue massage. Individuals who tend to experience chronically tense and contracted areas of their back; shoulders and neck often seek out deep tissue massage treatments for relief and relaxation.

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Realigning deeper muscle layers and tissue is the primary focus of a deep tissue massage therapy session at Urban Day Spa.

Applying deeper pressure concentrated on specific regions of the body where pain and tension are most prominent is performed with many of the classic massage therapy strokes, but often at a slower, more intense pace.

What Does Deep Tissue Massage Do?

In the ligaments, muscles and tendons, areas of rigidity and adhesions may reduce the circulation throughout the body and thereby reduce an individual’s movement capabilities, while causing pain and inflammation.

When you receive a deep tissue massage in Spring, you’ll be experiencing the relief caused by the massage strokes applied with the right pressure from properly trained and licensed massage therapists focused on breaking down the adhesions and restoring your ability to move comfortably without pain.

With special massage training, experienced massage therapists apply pressure to the precise areas across the muscles to accomplish the overall relief and freedom from rigidity you are seeking.

At times, people find they do feel some soreness and pain while receiving a deep tissue massage. This is a natural experience to have due to the work on relieving the adhesions and rigidity; however you should always make sure to tell the massage therapist if your comfort levels are exceeded by pain or discomfort. Additionally, many find they experience some initial stiffness afterward; however, this subsides within a day or so and is replaced with the removal of much of the stiffness and soreness experienced prior to the day spa wellness center visit.

Massage Therapy Spring: Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Another of the primary differences between deep tissue massage and the traditional or classic Swedish massage, which creates the benefits discussed, is that a deep tissue massage is typically more focused with a concentrated effort on relieving a particular issue a massage therapy guest is experiencing.

Some occupations create repetitive strain on specific areas of the body. Individuals in these professions often benefit from deep tissue massage. People who experience postural problems, issues with limited mobility, specific muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis pain, and many other conditions facing individuals today tend to prefer deep tissue massages over classic massage treatments.

You are encouraged to drink plenty of water before and after your massage therapy appointment to keep your body hydrated, flush waste, and increase the overall benefits you experience.

If you have any questions about whether or not a deep tissue massage may be advisable for you, please contact your doctor before arriving for your massage appointment and feel free to call the friendly professionals at Urban Day Spa in Spring, TX at 832.698.1544 to discuss the general list of conditions where it is commonly advisable and not advisable to choose to experience the benefits of deep tissue massage over any other massage options.

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