Spa Policies

Spa Policies

Urban Day Spa in Spring & Houston

Spa Policies
We have provided our spa policies below. If you would prefer a personalized response to any question you have, please call us today at 832.698.1544 or 281.345.7070 and one of our friendly, skilled spa service professionals will be more than happy to directly respond to any queries you have regarding your visit to our beautiful spa in Klein, Urban Day Spa!

Preparing for Your Next Day Spa Appointment
Guests of a Houston Day Spa often have questions when preparing for their next visit or when scheduling a reservation at a spa they have not visited previously. Below are some of the FAQ’s to assist with a few of the typical concerns/questions guests may have.

Party Appointments/Bookings
Party guests are welcome at Urban Day Spa! Spa parties are especially enjoyable for birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers. Fundraising events are also an excellent spa party booking choice!

Spa Environment
It is essential for a relaxing spa environment to maintain a peaceful level of quiet. Please turn off all cell phones prior to entering the spa and keep a low voice level for any conversation.

How Early Should I Be When Visiting the Urban Day Spa?
On your first visit to the Urban Day Spa please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete our client consultant form. We would encourage you to always arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to allow you to relax and derive the most benefit from your spa reservation.

How Should I Dress to Receive a Massage?
While you will be modestly covered at all times during your visit to the Urban Day Spa, the level of dress you arrive in and maintain throughout your spa appointment will of course depend both on the actual spa service you are receiving, as well as your comfort level and personal choice. Arriving at the spa in comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is easily removed is always beneficial.

Some people choose to be fully undressed but for the spa robe when preparing to receive a relaxation massage, while others prefer to keep their undergarments on during a massage therapy appointment. Still others bring a bathing suit to wear during their massage as this creates their sense of comfort while enjoying the care-taking and relaxation services of our Copperfield/Houston Area Spas or Klein/Spring Area Spas in Texas.

Male and Female Spa & Massage Therapists
Please let the Urban Day Spa staff know in advance when scheduling your appointment, or up front if receiving walk-in treatments, whether you have a preference of a male or female therapist for your spa reservation. The comfort of our guests is of primary importance to us and we will do our best to accommodate your choice! If you have a favorite therapist, please check with us regarding your spa therapist’s availability as well.

What Are the Hours of Operation at the Urban Day Spa?
Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Your spa treatment session is for your enjoyment and relaxation. The best environment is provided without anyone accompanying you into your actual treatment session room, which is why only minors accompanied by an adult are allowed to have anyone in the actual treatment room for observation.

Late Arrival Policy
If you find yourself delayed in arriving for your appointment at Urban Day Spa, we will certainly make an effort to accommodate your needs and provide you with the benefits of your full spa treatment appointment. However, dependent upon the schedule at the spa that day, your reservation may have to be abbreviated due to time management concerns. The full spa price will still apply in this instance.

What is the Cancellation Policy of the Urban Day Spa?
We would greatly appreciate 24-hour notice for any cancellation when you have scheduled an appointment. Please see our spa appointments page for more details.

Returned Checks & Methods of Payment
All returned checks will incur a $40 fee. The methods of payment accepted at Urban Day Spa in Spring, Texas are Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

May My Children Accompany Me While I am at the Spa?
We discourage bringing any small children to the spa in spring as it is very important for the spa environment to remain a calm and peaceful place for relaxation. If you have questions about bringing children to Urban Day Spa, please give us a call at today!

Do I Have Any Responsibilities I Should Be Aware of As An Urban Day Spa Guest?
You are our guest when at the Urban Day Spa and your sense of relaxation is our main concern. We only ask that you be certain to alert us to any potential medical conditions we should be aware of.

It is also extremely important that you let us know at once if you experience any sense of physical or emotional discomfort while receiving spa services at the Urban Day Spa.

Sounds, temperature and pressure used during a massage therapy treatment are all important factors to keep in mind with regard to your comfort. When receiving any skin treatment services, we ask you alert us if you begin to experience even mild discomfort in case of any potential allergic reactions you may not have expected in relation to any dead sea salt scrubs, lotions used, or mud masking agents, etc.

May I Receive Spa Services if I am Pregnant?
We are happy to provide services to our moms-to be. We do request that you wait until your second trimester to schedule a massage or body treatment. Some modifications may be made to some of our services to ensure the comfort of you and your baby. Massage therapy and spa services can be especially beneficial during pregnancy. Please feel free to call us to learn more about our special prenatal massage and spa treatment services.

If I Have Special Medical Conditions Am I Excluded from Potentially Receiving Spa Services at the Urban Day Spa?
We would encourage you to call to speak to one of our spa specialists concerning any special medical conditions. At your first appointment we do request that you provide us with a complete medical history including any medications you may be currently taking. With this information about your specific condition, we can then determine together which of our spa services would be to your most benefit.

Do You Serve Any Alcoholic Beverages At Urban Day Spa to Aid in Relaxation?
It is our policy to not serve alcoholic beverages before or after our spa services. Many of our spa services increase the circulation of blood within the body which would significantly increase the impact of any alcohol ingested before or after the treatment. We believe that massages from our professional therapists and our spa services are the best aids in helping you relax!

Product Return Policy
Urban Day Spa’s quality products for your enjoyment and your holiday gift giving list will be updated soon. If you should purchase a product or gift from Urban Day Spa, but find you are not satisfied with your purchase, it is our policy that you may return products that have not been opened or used within one business week in order to receive a refund. Please note, spa treatment services and gift certificate purchased are non-refundable.

Would It Be Okay if I Shave Shortly Before Receiving Spa Services?
Many individuals have different skin types and therefore reactions to various sea salt scrubs, lotions and so on. For some skin types a particularly increased level of sensitivity may be present in skin that is very freshly shaven smooth.

We request you be cognizant of this fact and your personal skin reactions to spa applications and perhaps put an appropriate amount of time in between shaving and visiting the spa in order to prevent any possibly negative or painful skin reactions as a result of shaving too quickly before your massage or skin treatment appointment at Urban Day Spa.

Age Requirement for Spa Treatments
Guests receiving treatment without an accompanying adult must be a minimum of 17 years old.

What Kind of Parking is Available at Urban Day Spa?
As our Spring Spa is located within a shopping center with generous parking capabilities and our Houston Spa is also located within a center that has generous free parking options, parking availability accommodates all of our guests in the areas of our parking lot where you can conveniently access the Urban Day Spa entrance.

What Are the Directions to Get to the Urban Day Spa From My Location?

Spring, TX Location

Copperfield Houston Location

Methods of Payment
Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover (**Please note: A $40.00 charge will be applied for all returned checks)

Do I Get to Choose Whether My Spa Therapist is Male or Female?
Your level of comfort and ability to relax and enjoy stress relief is our primary concern at Urban Day Spa. You can always request an appointment specifically with a male or female therapist and your request will most certainly be honored and respected! You may even find there is one particular spa specialist whom you particularly trust and wish to use each time you visit the Urban Day Spa and we encourage you to please make your request for the massage therapist or spa professional you prefer when scheduling your appointment at the Urban Day Spa to ensure the timing coordinates to match your preference.

What Kind of Tip is Appropriate for Me to Provide & Does This Differ Dependent on the Spa Service Type I Receive?
Providing a tip to your treatment professional is always appreciated and should be in accordance with your level of satisfaction as a result of your visit to Urban Day Spa. It is common for guests to provide tips in the amounts of $15 – $25, but this is dependent upon the number of spa treatments received and of course, overall satisfaction is key!

What is the Best Way for Me to Make an Appointment for Spa Services at Urban Day Spa?
Please feel free to choose your preference, whether you would rather call us at 832.698.1544 for a session in Spring on Louetta Rd., or at 281.345.7070 for a session in Houston on Hwy 6 North, or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment for spa services at Urban Day Spa today!

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