Massage Houston – Therapeutic Treatments at Spring Spa

Massage Houston – Therapeutic Treatments at Spring Spa

Personal care treatments to improve a sense of wellness and overall healthy feelings have grown the popularity of Houston Day Spas offering therapeutic treatments and massage therapies.

At Urban Day Spa, we welcome our guests into an environment of peace and tranquility as you choose which soothing spa treatment and/or massage therapy session sounds most enticing to you!

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Day Spa Personal Care Treatments

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Facial Treatments in Spring

Facial treatments at a day spa are often referred to as beauty treatments and/or body treatments. Enjoying the relaxing skin care therapies at Urban Day Spa is affordable as well with excellent pricing for a “Petite Facial”.

Urban Day Spa in the Klein community of Spring, Texas offers four different options for facial therapies. These include the Petite Facial as referenced above, which is a 15-minute skin cleansing process where you are rejuvenated with care as our personal treatment specialists thoroughly cleanse your skin, then use steamed towels dipped in Lemongrass essential oil. After this, you will experience a gentle exfoliating treatment, followed by a relaxing and moisturizing facial massage.

The classic facial at Urban Day Spa takes a half hour as your therapist begins your facial treatment with steamed towels with the subtle Lemongrass essential oil aromatherapy. After gently exfoliating your skin, your therapist will apply a warm rose clay masque. Finally, you will receive the moisturizing relaxation of our massage therapist’s facial massage expertise.

The third facial therapy option at Urban Day Spa in Spring, TX is our Cold Aqua Stones facial lasting for 45 minutes.  This facial treatment also begins with cleansing, gentle exfoliation and the aromatherapy and steam treatment of our Lemongrass essential oil dipped warm towels. Your face is next moisturized and you then enjoy the next luxurious stage of the cold aqua stones facial where the stones are used to massage your face and neck, providing the benefit of toning your skin during your facial massage treatment.

Finally the crème de la crème! Your fourth facial therapy option is the lavender infused facial, AKA, the Lavender Paraffin Facial. This facial also lasts for 45 entrancing minutes, beginning with a thorough cleansing, followed by exfoliation and the lemongrass essential oil steamed towel treatment. Your face will next be massaged with moisturizing cream prior to the paraffin treatment. We utilize relaxing lavender infused paraffin to soothe and detoxify the skin on your face, neck and décolleté. Your paraffin treatment will remain warm and relaxing with the application of steamed towels, until the final moments of your Spring facial therapy session where you will enjoy a soothing massage to the treated areas of your skin.

Spa and Body Treatments in Spring

Spring Day Spa, Urban Day Spa also provides four main body treatments for personal care and relaxation low pricing and lasting from 20 minutes, to a full hour Spring body treatment session or Houston body treatment session at our Copperfield location.

View our main Body Treatments at Urban Day Spa page for a full overview of each spa therapy session.

During your Spa Body Treatment sessions you will have the opportunity to determine whether you would prefer your therapies have a detoxification focus, or a relaxation focus. This will be accomplished with your option of choosing between varied aromatic essential oils.

Body wrap, masque and scrub therapies will all begin with nutrient enriched Mediterranean Dead Sea salt scrubs. Many of the body treatment choices include a Rose Clay therapy with a mix of warm water and essential oils. Additionally, all of the main spa body treatments at Urban Day Spa in Spring include the relaxing Vichy shower.

Detoxify with Hydrotherapy Treatments in Spring

With seven hydrotherapy options to choose from Urban Day Spa is absolutely the Houston Area day spa wellness center where you will want to enjoy this time-tested healthful experience. Affordable hydrotherapy choices at Urban Day Spa are an excellent healthy spa option. These personal care treatments can last up to half an hour and provide a world of detoxification and rejuvenation benefits.

Choose from the Essence Wrap, the Private Steam, the Aroma Bubble, the Moment to Relax, the Ginger Hot Oil treatment, the moist heat pack, and the ever popular Vichy Shower.

Click through on the following link to view the full overview of the Spring, Texas and Houston, Texas hydrotherapy treatments provided at Urban Day Spa.

Houston Massage and Day Spa Therapeutic Treatments

Foot spa recovery treatments, as well as paraffin for hands and feet are another two thoroughly beneficial Spring Spa options in the Houston suburban Urban Day Spa located at 6396 Louetta Rd in the Klein community and nearby the Willowbrook Mall areas or in the Barnes & Noble shopping center at 7014 Hwy 6 North, Ste D, Houston, Texas.

Our licensed massage therapy experts are also ready to provide you with massage therapy treatments lasting anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes and with no-contract massage prices for the full-hour massage session.

Finally, beyond all of the many day spa choices listed above, our star treatment Spring Day Spa packages are also incredibly popular. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation of the Spa Packages at Urban Day Spa by visiting our Day Spa Packages web page and choosing the affordable spa therapies which tempt you most and then visit our online spa treatment appointment scheduling page to ensure you have an exciting experience to look forward to this week!

Please call us with any questions about your next therapeutic treatment session at our Spring, TX Urban Day Spa at 832.698.1544 or at 281.345.7070 in Houston today!

We look forward to welcoming you as an Urban Day Spa guest soon!

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