Heat Therapy at Urban Day Spa in Spring, TX

Heat Therapy at Urban Day Spa in Spring, TX

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In our ultra-busy, often stressed society, sometimes taking time for ourselves really gets pushed to the back burner. Many end up spinning their wheels trying to be everything for everyone, every day. After a while though, the stress catches up. Sometimes this stress can manifest itself in physical ways.

One of the most common ways that stress can manifest itself in our bodies is through the development of back pain. The physical running here and there can put a strain on your spine and back muscles. However, oftentimes emotional stress will also create a problem because it can cause us to tense our muscles for long periods of time.

Most people don’t even notice they are doing this because they have been doing it whenever they were experiencing anxiety for such a long time. Constantly tensing your muscles will eventually bring you sore and tired muscles. One of the best ways to alleviate this physical pain and to re-center emotionally is by treating yourself with a trip to a local spa.

Some people may think this is out of their comfort zone or price range. But when you consider that stress can actually cause you real physical sickness that will eventually cause time out of work or possible expensive medical attention, it becomes more clear how helpful receiving a massage at a day spa can truly be. A spa offers many wonderful ways to help you relax and relieve a tired, sore back.

Heat Pack Therapy

Heat pack therapy is one way to pamper your poor, tired back. Spa heat packs are large, soft wraps that are first soaked in warm water and lovely scented essential oils. Many essential oils are believed to have healing properties when applied to the body or when inhaled.

The therapeutic aromas of the essential oils are a wonderful addition to your massage experience. Once the heat pack is applied to your back it begins to create the feeling of release of the stress you may be carrying. The heat pack is left on long enough for the warmth and essential oils to work their magic by relaxing muscles that are usually tensed. Heat packs are a great addition to any massage.

Heated Stones

Heated stones are another relaxation technique incorporated by spas to help relieve tension in specific areas of the back. These are specifically used in the Hot Stone Massage therapy treatment we provide. Other massage therapy treatments you can receive at Urban Day Spa include the classic massage using Swedish massage techniques, prenatal massages for expectant mothers, sports massages for individuals with active lifestyles, deep-tissue massages for working through the more intensive tensions, and couples massage to enjoy relaxation together with your mate and best friend! Other family members also often take a mid-day break or mini-vacation to the day spa together as a nice family outing.

Hydrotherapy Treatments in Spring, TX

When you contact Urban Day Spa at 832.698.1544 for the Spring spa location or 281.345.7070 for the Houston spa location to schedule a day spa appointment, of the many day spa therapies you can choose from you have the option of including the beneficial heat pack therapy to further sooth your back and help rejuvenate you to continue with your busy week!

As you can discover by reviewing our Spring Hydrotherapy Treatments page in our day spa website, the heat packs we pamper you with are soaked in hot water and an aromatic essential oil. Our spa therapists then apply this heat pack to your back for a deeper relaxation experience. Using this hydrotherapy technique, moist heat will penetrate deeply into the muscles, joints and soft tissues to deliver you the maximum relief you seek. Give our friendly professionals a call today and schedule a massage therapy appointment and request a heat pack enhancement to your relaxation therapy experience at Urban Day Spa!

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