Get Massage in Klein

Get Massage in Klein

Get massage therapy services in Klein, Texas at Urban Day Spa. Please call 832.698.1544 to receive exceptional spa services in Spring, Texas today!

In addition to getting a massage in Klein, you will also find the many other day spa services are provided when you visit the tranquil environment offered as your escape from the daily world at Urban Day Spa.

These Spring day spa therapies include:
Hydrotherapy Treatment – Enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy bath at Urban Day Spa!

Facial Treatments – Enjoy the benefits of a classic facial, a quick, petite facial, lavender paraffin facial, or the cold aqua stones facial to enjoy the ideal skin care treatment for you!

Spa Hand Therapies – Your hands will feel luxuriously smooth after a paraffin spa treatment at Urban Day Spa.

Spa Foot Therapies – You can also choose to experience the beneficial paraffin treatment for your feet, or enjoy the foot spa recovery aromatherapeutic treatment that also includes a foot massage.

Spa Body Treatment – Body wraps, body masque, body scrubs are among the healthy skin care and relaxation spa body treatments you can receive at Urban Day Spa.

And Massage Therapy including:

Deep Tissue Massage – A deeper, firmer touch is involved in the deep tissue massage therapy treatment at Urban Day Spa.

Sports Therapy Massage – Athletic individuals often choose the sports therapy massage at Urban Day Spa to experience relief for sore, overworked muscles.

Hot Stone Massage – Use of warmed stones is another favorite massage therapy of many who visit Urban Day Spa regularly.

Classic Swedish Relaxation Massage – The classic Swedish relaxation massage is a standard, gentle massage many people prefer for helping them to feel rejuvenated and refreshed while at the spa and after leaving Urban Day Spa.

Prenatal Massage – Expecting mothers benefit greatly by enjoying massage therapy tailored specifically to their body’s needs when visiting Urban Day Spa.

Massage Therapy for Couples – Couples can receive a massage in the same open room enabling them to enjoy a relaxation massage together as a great day out of the house enjoying quality couple’s time.

Getting a Massage in Klein | Treat Yourself to a Healthier Lifestyle!

Do you think of a massage as a luxury, or are you among the increasing number of people who believe they both deserve and need massage therapy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Thousands of new spas in the U.S. open every year and the number of people who visit the spa to get a massage or to receive spa services/spa therapies of other kinds increases by the millions each year.

One of the reasons for this is that as people grow older, they realize more and more how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and part of the process of staying healthy is finding positive ways to decrease stress levels.

Without paying attention to taking care of oneself physically and emotionally, individuals run higher and higher risk of health problems, which only worsen over time.

Youth in today’s hectic world also experience stress at a level much higher than previously reported and people are searching out ways to reduce their stress levels at younger ages in our modern society.

The health benefits related to positive stress reduction methods, such as massage therapy as only one example, are largely undisputed, but what prevents the number of people who do not visit day spas to receive a massage?

For the most part the answer is time and money.

Many books could be referenced here as examples of encouragement to take the time for stress reduction techniques in one’s life as an overall benefit and even a time savings in some ways, since a mind and body that is refreshed and invigorated is often more productive.

As for the money portion of the answer to why everyone doesn’t visit spas to get a massage or other day spa services, the Urban Day Spa has created an environment where money savings are highly evident for any who have visited a day spa or massage therapy business in Houston, Texas before.

In addition to not requiring our guests to sign a contract for massage…where money is often lost when the “use it or lose it” method is in place such as is the case with many massage therapy locations around Houston, Spring, Klein, Champions areas and so on…the low price for a full-hour massage session also saves a great deal for any who regularly visit a spa for relaxation massage or other day spa services.

Saving between $20.00 – $100.00 per visit to a massage therapy center means it is easier to budget regular spa visits and easier to purchase the other things in life you and your family want and need.

Please feel free to stop by 6396 Louetta Rd, in Spring, Texas to enjoy the benefits provided at Urban Day Spa! Call 832.698.1544 in Spring or 281.345.7070 in Houston to schedule your appointment for a relaxation massage, facial treatment, body treatment therapies, hydrotherapy, or hand and feet therapies today!

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