Find a Massage Therapist

Find a Massage Therapist

Enjoying a wellness massage at Urban Day Spa means taking control of your day and deciding to pamper yourself at a surprisingly affordable rate! Call Urban Day Spa to schedule your full hour massage session without any contracts!

massage therapist can be helpful for many purposes, such as loosening up stiff muscles, helping you recover faster from sports injuries or just for relaxation. With our full staff of trained, licensed massage therapists and day spa specialists, you have the opportunity to find the massage therapist who is just right for you.

There are many types of massage therapy. Some of these are called Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pre-natal massage, hot stone massage, and couple’s massage. Each qualified massage therapist at Urban Day Spa is skilled in using the system of various techniques to provide you with the feeling of wellness you seek to rejuvenate your day.

Finding the Right Massage Therapist in Spring, TX

How do you find the right massage therapist for your needs? If you have friends or family members who get massages, word of mouth can be one of the best ways to find someone. You can also look at the websites of different massage therapists and see if there are any reviews or testimonials. Another thing to look for is qualifications, such as where the person studied and if he or she has the appropriate training and license.

It’s also a matter of finding the type of massage therapy you’re most comfortable with. Some people, for example, prefer a gentle type of massage whereas others want a more intensive (deep tissue) approach. It also depends on whether you merely want to relax or if you want more focused treatment as you would receive in a sports massage, or prenatal massage.

Seeking a massage therapist to meet your needs is easy when you contact Urban Day Spa at 832.698.1544 where you can also learn about the luxurious hydrotherapy treatments, body therapies, facial therapies, and hand and feet therapies offered to make your day spa visit a truly memorable one. Finding a great massage therapist can be an important step in your quest for holistic wellness.

Enjoy your life and find a massage therapist in Spring by calling today!

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