Body Treatments Highway 6 Houston

Body Treatments Highway 6 Houston

Body treatments on Highway 6 in Houston are provided at Urban Day Spa’s second location in Copperfield. Call 832.698.1544 for the Spring spa or 281.345.7070 for the Houston spa to relax with an affordable body spa therapy and massage therapy service today!

Beyond the amazingly relaxing massages Urban Day Spa therapists are so well known for, we have an exciting selection of body therapy options available for you.

Copperfield Body Treatments last anywhere from 20 – 60 minutes each.  These remarkably rejuvenating personal care therapies are excellent ways to pamper your skin and keep you feeling and looking younger.

Two of the body treatment options are the Back Masque and the Body Scrub. Both of these body therapies include the use of the Mediterranean Dead Sea Salts well-known to be rich in vitamins and nutrients. Both of these body treatments also involve the incredibly luxurious Vichy Shower that is a must for anyone who has never before had this experience. With the Body Scrub you have the options of choosing from essential body oils of a detoxifying or a relaxation blend.  The Back Masque treatment includes the use of the Rose Clay, blended with your choice of a detoxifying or relaxation blend of essential oils.

Another body treatment you can choose from is that of the Clay Body Masque. Individuals with all skin types are able to enjoy the rich iron oxide benefits of the Rose Clay. The Mediterranean Dead Sea Salts Scrub is also included as part of the Clay Body Masque therapy.  And you will still not miss out on the amazing Vichy Shower during this 60-minute body treatment in Copperfield.

Finally, you may also choose to enjoy our ultimate Copperfield body treatment, the Scape Silhouette Wrap, where you will first enjoy the healthy application to your skin of the Mediterranean Dead Sea Salts Scrub. Next you will choose from the relaxation or detoxification treatment of oils and rose clay. After the rose clay has been applied to your body, you will be fully wrapped in a warm cocoon allowing your body heat to thoroughly activate the benefits of the clay. At the end of this 60-minute session you will also have enjoyed the impeccable luxurious experience of the Vichy Shower.

Call 832.698.1544 for the Spring spa or 281.345.7070 for the Houston spa to discuss which body treatment on Highway 6 in the Houston, Copperfield area or Louetta Rd, Klein area you would like best to enjoy!

You may also schedule your appointment online by visiting: Day Spa Appointment

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